Terms and Conditions

Please note: We ask all prospective clients to note that these vehicles are both nearly 80 years old and will have, we are sure, many stories to tell- as such they are obviously not showroom new although we strive to ensure they are immaculately maintained and presented. We do not maintain the vehicles ourselves but ensure that they are correctly serviced, and maintained through our local Rolls Royce service dealer. They are not cheap to maintain but being Rolls Royce manufactured we are sure they each have another 80 years of motoring left in them!

To ensure the vehicles are maintained to the highest quality they are M.O.T.d annually even though they are exempt under current legislation. Vehicles are comprehensively insured with Heritage Car Insurance, including wedding cover- please do not hesitate to ask for details.

The terms of our insurance allow us only to transport passengers for hire for the duration of a wedding event. We cannot assist with transport after the wedding, for example to the airport or train station so clients must make their own arrangements for these later trips.

Both cars are exempt from the use of seat belts. However, the law requires that all vehicles must be fitted with child restraints to be able to carry children under 3. As we do not have restraints fitted we are unable to accommodate children under 3 including babies in arms. This will be strictly enforced on the day. For our own purposes we will need the names of all children under 12 who may be carried in the car. Their restraint will be the responsibility of rear passengers. Whilst the vehicle is stationary we can, of course, allow photographs of any age children.

No food, drink, or smoking (with the exception of champagne) is permitted in the rear of the vehicle.